Extra services

NOALOIL Services

NOALOIL supplies home heating oil and road transport diesel for both individuals and companies, always ensuring the highest level of professionalism and promptness as well as a strong focus on product quality and price.


  • Transport diesel
  • Winter diesel fuel
  • Heating oil
  • Diesel fuel for electricity generation
  • Special diesel (high-speed diesel)
  • 95-octane gasoline
  • Speed blue (AdBlue)
  • LPG cylinders

Motor Vehicles

Noaloil Spa has its own fleet of vehicles, which are used for refuelling both its own depot from various coastal depots or refineries, and for refuelling its customers of petroleum products.

Our vehicles are fitted with volume measuring instruments with mechanical counter, and are regularly checked by metrics inspectors.

The carriage of dangerous goods is governed by ADR regulations, which are adopted and regularly updated by Noaloil with the help of a safety adviser. All staff are continuously trained to ensure their own safety and that of customers, following strict safety procedures during the treatment of hazardous products.